Here are the races, sexes, classes, and levels of the NPCs included in UNLIMITED ADVENTURES.

  • Kallithrea: Female 9C
  • Yemandra: Female 8P
  • Krondasz: Male Dwarf 7F/8T
  • Arderiel: Male Half-Elf 5C/7F/7M
  • Tornilee: Female 8R
  • Alias: Female 6F
  • Silk: Female Drow 12F/19T
  • Dragonbait: Male Saurial 7P
  • Captain Daenor: Male 30P
  • Nacacia: Female 9R/11T
  • Grunschka: Female Dwarf 25F
  • Priam: Male 18F
  • Storm: Male Dwarf 12F
  • Vala: Female 23F
  • Shal: Female 18F
  • Raizel: Female 20T

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