Here are the classes and levels of the possible human adversaries in UNLIMITED ADVENTURES.

                          C: CLERIC                  P: PALADIN
                          F: FIGHTER                 R: RANGER
                          M: MAGE                    T: THIEF


Acolyte: 2C Warrior: 2F Priest: 4C Archer: 4F Dark Cleric: 6C Evil Champion: 6F High Priest: 10C Dark Knight: 10F Archpriest: 15C Dark Warlord: 15F Dark Disciple: 20C Dark Overlord: 20F


Conjurer: 2M Goon: 2T Theurgist: 4M Thug: 4T Magician: 6M Rogue: 6T Necromancer: 10M Thief: 10T Wizard: 15M Master Thief: 15T Master Wizard: 20M High Thief: 20T

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